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Human Resources Assistance


Shape a skilled workforce that accomplishes more and contributes to the profitability of your organization. For Pierce County employers, our experienced Business Solutions partners can add to your employee development toolkit and can essentially function as an outsourced human resources department, all at little to no cost.

To schedule a consultation and learn more, reach out to Julia Brooks at 253-284-8820.


Services may include:

  • Accurate and EEO Compliant Job Descriptions:
    • Help employees understand what their jobs require.
    • Provide managers with guidelines for effective hiring, promoting and supervising.
    • Ensure your practices conform with applicable employment laws.


  • Compensation Studies:
    • Fair pay is good business. Underpay and employees with look for a better offer. Overpay and profitability will suffer.
    • We use standard, proven methods to gather data and synthesize statistical information to determine how much companies pay for a specific job in a specific industry throughout a specific region.


  • Skills Testing:
    • High-performing organizations need to retain and advance their very best employees.
    • Improve the quality and efficiency of your employee development and promotion processes by assessing the skills and capacity of those on your team.
      • Make better hiring and promoting decisions.
      • Identify training needs.


  • Assessments:
    • People are the key to an organization’s success: Ensure the right people are matched with the right tasks to improve business performance and profitability.
    • Our Berke™ assessments offer objective data for decision making.


  • Policy Manuals:
    • Provide managers and employees with an overview of the organization’s standard operating policies.
    • Support human resources decisions that are consistent, planned and linked to organizational goals.





ResCare Business Solutions provides the services described above on behalf of the Pierce County Workforce Development Council.