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Increasing graduation rates often boils down to whether students see their classwork as a path to a career that interests them. WorkForce Central invests in CareerLink Pierce County—a web-based tool that identifies interests and matches them with career paths—to introduce students and young adult job seekers to career paths in a variety of fields.

CareerLink leverages a variety of career development tools, social media platforms and workforce data into a seamless system designed to connect the dots between students, educators and local employers. The system is powered by a licensed product called Career Cruising and serves as a comprehensive engagement vehicle fostering connections between employers and future employees. CareerLink:

  • Aligns career preparation with the needs of our local or regional business community
  • Scales successful business and education programming to reach a wider or more targeted audience
  • Reduces communication barriers between youth and employers
  • Nurtures future employees by connecting with and mentoring them early in their career development


How does the program work?

CareerLink connects a student’s career interests with real companies and real-life professionals in that career area. The system provides a customized online environment where students and job seekers can:

  • Learn about area companies that offer jobs in their areas of interest
  • Participate in career discussions with an online mentor or career coach from that company
  • Find professional networking opportunities like job-shadowing, internships, company tours and summer jobs

Participation is free and is easily tailored to your level of involvement and schedule.




CareerLink fosters connections between regional employers and the next generation of workers, bridging the gap between academic experience and the real-world application of skills. By participating in CareerLink, you:

  • Promote careers that are available in Pierce County and help students realize that there are many opportunities in your community
  • Positively affect and directly address the region’s drop-out, graduation and unemployment rates
  • Increase your business’ visibility through your community involvement

Nurture your future workforce by connecting with them early in their career development.

  1. Set up a Company Profile. Set up and maintain a company profile to describe your business, highlight your unique attributes and communicate your hiring needs to students, job seekers, parents and educators.
  2. Become a Career Coach. Invest less than an hour per week to share your experience and advice with students by contributing to mediated online discussion boards.
  3. Create Career-Building Opportunities. Coordinate activities like job shadowing, company tours, internships and summer jobs directly with students, young adult job seekers and educators.





Have you ever wondered…

  • What's it like to work at a particular job?
  • What do I need to do to get into the career I want?
  • What classes do I need to take?
  • How can I find some scholarships to pay for college?
  • What summer jobs are available in my area?

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions or want more information for your career planning, then CareerLink Pierce County can help.

  1. Ask a school counselor or your principal if your school has access to
  2. If your school doesn't have access, we can help! Have your school counselor or principal contact us at:
  3. Don’t know where to start after logging in? Download this Quick Start Guide-Student-Career Cruising and CareerLink Pierce County.




CareerLink Pierce County helps your student achieve his/her career goals by bridging the gap between classwork and the work world. It offers a safe environment where students and job seekers can interact with local employers and career coaches. As you encourage your child to take advantage of the tool, you can help them discover career paths that inspire their skill development and educational achievement.

How can a parent participate?

  1. Help your child use the tools and resources available by contacting your school to set up an account. To learn more about how you can participate, view the following short video.
  2. Encourage your employer to participate in CareerLink Pierce County.
  3. Do you have expertise in a particular career field? Would you like to share your experience with interested students and job seekers? Sign up to be an online mentor or career coach by contacting us at




CareerLink can help your students relate their coursework to their interests and career goals, resulting in deeper classroom engagement and achievement. Use the tool to train students to think about their careers earlier in their education and build their networking opportunities as they interact with local employers and career coaches.

How can educators participate?

  1. Find out if your school is licensed with Career Cruising. If you or your school would like to participate in CareerLink Pierce County, reach out to us at
  2. Do you have expertise in a particular career field? Would you like to share your experience with interested students and job seekers? Sign up to be an online mentor or career coach.
  3. Contact us at if you would like more information.


(NOTE: All registrants are subject to a Nationwide criminal and sex offender background check before your account is activated. For more information on the terms, please click Terms-and-Conditions.)