The Pierce County Health Careers Council (PCHCC) is the resource for healthcare career and workforce development information with members including private and public healthcare providers, long-term care facilities, labor, community and technical colleges and universities. This business-led, sector specific council uses its collective influence and resources to respond to industry needs related to health care employment and training opportunities. 

The vision of the Pierce County Health Careers Council is to create a system that builds awareness of healthcare career opportunities and trains and connects a skilled workforce to health services providers in convenient, valuable, and efficient ways.


Develop, implement and oversee collaborative strategies that ensure:

  • A sufficient supply of trained healthcare workers
  • Health services workers have the skill sets to provide quality care
  • Pierce County residents have access to industry specific training that results in employment and career progression in health services
  • Healthcare industry is assisted in its ability to retain staff
  • Awareness of healthcare careers and training opportunities


  1. Develop and maintain public and private partnerships, adequate funding and other resources in order to implement goals and sustain strategies to respond to healthcare industry’s needs.
  2. Analyze training capacity for sustainability at an appropriate level through traditional and nontraditional venues while maintaining high quality of education.
  3. Improve retention within the healthcare industry by providing career opportunities and training.
  4. Maximize graduation rates from high demand healthcare training programs while maintaining high quality of education.
  5. Increase understanding and awareness of healthcare careers to youth and underrepresented audiences.


Healthcare Career Coaching - Partnership with MultiCare Health System and Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community
Pierce County Heath Career Day
- Hosts up to 1000 Pierce County high school students annually to learn first-hand about high demand, high-wage healthcare careers.